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Cold White Fire

Heart-Centered Community for Autism Parents Based on Gaming

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A Little About Us

Why Cold White Fire?

We bring together parents of children with autism to create a supportive community, so that we can share experiences, tips, and resources, and ultimately help your children thrive with our Cold White Fire Institute, vocational training and the potential for gainful employment at Cold White Fire Studio. 

The Results You'll Get

Our community, memberships, and courses (coming soon) are pretty special. We’re focused on the ways it will make a huge difference in your life.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Cold White Fire:

  • Access a wealth of shared knowledge and experiences to assist in navigating your child's autism journey.
  • Connect with other parents who can provide support, understanding, and friendship.
  • Discover new resources, aids, training, and strategies for helping your child to thrive in different environments so they can focus on their talent and education. 
  • Turn their talent into the potential for gainful employment while making content, products, and services for educational and leisure gaming. 

When You Join Today

When you join Cold White Fire today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Participate in a "Living with Autism" Live Event: This live event and webinar, is specially designed to help parents understand autism and form effective strategies to cope. Through this course, you will gain insights that will empower you and help your child to live their best life.
  • Join the "Tips and Resources Sharing" Live Chat: Engage in the live chat where parents can share helpful tips and beneficial resources. Not only does this foster a strong support system, it helps you discover practical ways to nurture your child's unique potential.
  • Attend "Gaming Central" Events: Participating in these events sheds more light on autism, promotes greater inclusion and understanding, while offering the chance to meet and network with other parents, educators, and specialists. This not only helps broaden your knowledge, but also expands your support network.
  • Cold White Fire Community: Join other parents of autism students who are making connections with each other. 

The Details

What is Cold White Fire? 

Cold White Fire is a heart-centered authentic and eternal light that radiates within all mankind. It is the flame that can be kindled or rekindled that instills happiness and pure joy from within. It has various degrees of symbolism that represent Light, Chi energy, and other layers of symbolism. To learn more about Cold White Fire keep exploring our Charity, Institute, and Studio.  

Cold White Fire: Who We Are

We are individuals passionate about helping others find their flame within who are also on the spectrum. We are a heart-centered supportive community to help parents with autistic children cope with life challenges. Through education, vocational training, advanced training, and work we can strengthen, increase, edify, and radiate pure light and happiness from within. 

Here at Cold White Fire, we are a Charity, Institute, and Studio centering on autism for children and adults. We prepare them with an education, and vocational training through personalized custom curriculum to find success and gainful employment. 

We are a perpetuating synergistic company. We are professionals and parents working together to increase the quality of life for our community, clients, customers, and families. 

Cold White Fire Institute: How We Can Help

We work with parents and children through adulthood on the autism spectrum that have customized curriculum for each individual. We help parents manage a child’s behavior, and help them have fun in their educational process on into the potential for productive gainful employment.

Whether your child or adult is high or low on the spectrum or somewhere in between, we have unique programs to help kindergarten through twelfth grade get an education custom fit for their unique personality. 

We provide an education, vocational training, and advanced training at Cold White Fire Institute. We don’t stop there as graduates in a chosen learning path if they desire and qualify can work in an environment fit for their talents, skills, and abilities at Cold White Fire Studio. 

Cold White Fire Studio: Ignite Your Flame Within

After students graduate with different degrees and skillsets based upon customized curriculum to help them find success. Cold White Fire Studio places graduates with a mentor in an internship and apprenticeship for job placement in gainful employment working with real clients. 

Cold White Fire Origin

Our origin represents an authentic and eternal light that radiates within. Each of us has a flame that kindles within our body, mind, and spirit. 

We can strengthen our flames within and increase the intensity of which our light shines. 

One’s flame is the energy and eternal light within. 

Cold White Fire Philosophy and Mission

Each individual is a being of light with unique sets of challenges, talents, and abilities. We believe that by working together in synergy, we can all achieve our goals and prosper in innovation, creativity, work, and a higher quality of life.

Our Slogans

Cold White Fire L3C: “Ignite Your Flame Within” and “Enjoy the Journey”

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